Americans living abroad / expat tax services

Americans living abroad who needs a CPA who specializes in unique tax circumstances and international tax planning.  We are a trusted tax adviser for many Americans living abroad. The following expat tax services we provide:

  • Preparation of individual income tax returns for expatriates and foreign nationals.
  • Form 8854 Expatriation Information Statement
  • Preparation of Foreign Bank Account Reports (FBAR)
  • Form 8938 Statement of Specified Foreign Financial Assets
  • Foreign Earned Income Tax Exclusion
  • Bona Fide or physical presence test
  • Foreign housing exclusion or deduction
  • Foreign tax credit and carryovers
  • Tax Home
  • Travel Restrictions
  • Foreign Credits and Deductions
  • Housing Deductions
  • Foreign Housing Carryover
  • Foreign Income Taxes
  • Foreign tax limit
  • Self employed persons abroad
  • Estimated Taxes while Abroad
  • US Withholding Tax
  • Filing Extensions while Abroad
  • Automatic 2 month Extension for Expats
  • Tax Agreements for Expatriates
  • Tax Treaty Benefits
  • Social Security Totalization Agreements
  • Information Exchange Agreements

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